Outstanding Alumni Service Award

The Outstanding Alumni Service Award is given annually to someone who has made a significant impact on camp. This person lives a life that exemplifies Camp Ridgecrest’s mission statement: “Impacting lives for God’s glory through discipleship and adventure.” Historically, the contributions of the awardee include many years of service to camp and the alumni association including volunteer work, monetary donations, and organizational leadership.

Award Winners

2008 – Frank Johnson

2009 – Hewlett Sullivan

2010 – Dick Burts

2011 – Jackson Norton

2012 – Sinda Snead

2013 – Chris Maslin

2014 – Jimmie Holland

2015 – Bobby Black

2016 – Beth Olson

2017 – Adam Hewitt

2018 – Art "PK" Snead

2019 – Scott Suggs

Outstanding Alumni Award.jpg