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CRAF Professional Network

One of camp's most critical opportunities is finding high quality Christian staff and help them into their future.  To help address this, camp's alumni association has decided to build this webpage listing alums along with their field, location, and LinkedIn profile URL that we can point prospective staff to. We would also like for this site to highlight "success stories" where camp folks have gotten a job (at least in part) because of their connection with another camp person.  This is intended to help with recruitment and ultimately help high quality camp staff navigate their job search and hopefully find employment.


We would like to ask you to consider becoming part of this network.  By volunteering to participate, you're not providing a guarantee of a job; you are simply offering to have a 15-30 min conversation to provide career advice, how to get into the field, a description of your own path, and potentially make a connection for them if appropriate.   


If you're up for it, send your LinkedIn profile URL to us along with your field and location and we'll add you to the site. If you aren't on LinkedIn and don't want to join this service, then we can use your email address instead.


If you are interested in connecting with someone in this network but don't know where to start, contact Austin Howell and he will help you get in touch with someone in your field or location.

Success Stories

Logan Lloyd and Will Henderson

Logan and Will became fast friends at Ridgecrest in the summer of 2007; Logan as Apache counselor, Will as AD. Will was pursuing a Master of Divinity at Wake Forest University, which lended itself to many-a-lakeside conversation between religion-major-Logan. Logan inevitably decided to pursue the ministry and in his search for further education, visited Will at WFU. Logan graduated from Wake Forest University’s School of Divinity in 2012 and is now a chaplain at University of Kentucky hospital. He and Will remain in contact as all camp-friends-who-become-“out-of-camp-friends”-do!

Jackson Norton and Brant Taylor


When needing someone he could trust for a key role within a growing healthcare delivery company, Jackson looked to his network at Camp Ridgecrest. He knew Camp staff were reliable, mission-oriented, eager to learn, and energetic. He hired fellow Ridgecrest alumni Brant Taylor as the Director of Information Technology.  It was the perfect choice, Brant was eager to help and Jackson needed it.

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