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Camp Ridgecrest Alumni and Friends, Inc. exists solely to further the mission of the Camp: to help boys grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally, in a Christ-centered environment.  It was founded and incorporated on July 4, 1992, thanks largely to the efforts of Frank Johnson. In the early 1990s, the Association made a commitment to fund at least two scholarships per year for needy campers, which has continued to the present. In the mid 1990s, work weekends in the spring and fall were added as ways to tangibly support the ministry of Camp Ridgecrest.  As the Association grew and matured, more ambitious projects were undertaken. Today, Camp Ridgecrest Alumni & Friends, Inc. is a vibrant organization with over 1000 members on five continents. The association annually raises over $75,000 for the ministry of Camp Ridgecrest for Boys and supports the camp through work-weekends, scholarships, and tangible gifts.


Camp Ridgecrest Alumni & Friends, Inc. is a corporation organized under the laws of North Carolina and its non-profit status has been officially recognized by the Internal Revenue Service under IRC Section 501(c) (3). Under most circumstances, financial gifts to the Association are income tax deductible.  These assets reflect both restricted and unrestricted funds. All assets are managed by the Association’s Board of Directors through its Finance Committee. The Finance Committee is chaired by the Association’s Treasurer.


Year-end and year-to-date profit and loss statements and balance sheets are distributed at the Association’s annual Members Meeting. Additionally, financial information for the Association is available, at any time, upon request to the Association’s President.

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