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The Board of Directors of Camp Ridgecrest for Boys is dedicated to ensuring that needy and underprivileged boys have an opportunity to attend Camp Ridgecrest for Boys. To that end, they founded the Charles Burts Memorial Scholarship, in honor of the first Director of Camp Ridgecrest, which is the general scholarship fund of the association. Since 1992, Camp Ridgecrest Alumni & Friends, Inc. has minimally funded two full scholarships per year that help augment Camp Ridgecrest’s own scholarship program. Additional funds received increase the number of scholarships that the alumni association is able to give. Camp Ridgecrest has full control over which boys are recipients of the scholarships, the alumni association only provides the funds.

Another scholarship offered by Camp Ridgecrest Alumni & Friends, Inc, is the Peggy Christian Memorial Scholarship, which was established in the summer of 2000. The scholarship was created by an act of the Board of Directors of Camp Ridgecrest Alumni & Friends, Inc. to minimally pay for one two-week session at Camp Ridgecrest (currently valued at $2850) for a deserving boy. The scholarship was named after the mother of the alumni association’s long-term Director, Jackson Norton, who had to miss several key meetings in the summer of 2000 for his mother’s funeral. It is hoped that private donations combined with those of the Norton/Christian family can help permanently fund this annual scholarship.

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