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Double Zipline Giving Campaign

Remember the first time you flew down the zipline at Camp Ridgecrest? Pretty incredible, right? I never experienced real adventure until my first summer at camp in 1989 and the zipline was truly memorable. It pushed me to do something both challenging and fun, and gave me a tremendous boost of confidence that helped me tackle other new opportunities at camp. I'm sure every camper shares a similar story; it's the power of a Camp Ridgecrest experience. 

As we embark on our next giving campaign, we're looking for new ways to help further relationships between campers and staff, specifically we would like to add another zipline that will run parallel to the existing line so that two campers can zip together or a camper and staff member. Most importantly, these shared experiences set the stage for strengthened relationships, opening pathways for kids to hear and receive the Gospel.

The lower addition of a single zipline will be phase one of the project, scheduled to be ready for summer 2018.  A second phase is planned, with two upper ziplines (starting from the chapel), with the first runs taking place in summer 2019 if we meet our fundraising goals.  We're looking to raise $27,000 by summer 2018 for phase one and $50,000 for phase two. Click the button below to donate. We are truly grateful for your support!

Chris Maslin

LC Rumbling River

Chairman, Camp Ridgecrest Alumni & Friends

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